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Did You Know There Are At Least 5 Ways to Reduce Horse Bedding Costs?

1. Purchase Horse Bedding Direct From the Manufacturer
2. You Pick Up at Our Mills
3. Use White Woods = More Absorbent
4. Use Fungus & Mold Free Bedding
5. Buy Lightweight, Bagged, & Unitized

            Act Now - Limited Quantities 

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Why I Should Use
Horse Bedding
From Fox Lumber Sales

Testimonial from Bill Parker
Horse Sales Manager at Billings Livestock Commission

Bill says: "I keep 16 box stalls full year round.  Since I started using the shavings from Fox Lumber, I have cut my shavings bill nearly in half

They are easy to pick which translates to less waste, and they absorb moisture better than any other shaving I have used which translates to a better smelling barn and a healthier environment for the horses.  I highly recommend them."


Horse Bedding


  • 42 lbs./Bag

  • 25 Bags/Shrink Wrapped Unit

  • 40 Units/Truckload

  • Minimum Order - 1 Truckload


Fox Companies is pleased to bring you. . .

Animal House
Pet Bedding

     Most horse bedding is made from tree planer shavings which contain bugs, larvae, and fungus growing in the bag.

Ours is one of the few that is guaranteed to be Heat Treated to a core temperature of 152 degrees Fahrenheit which destroys all organisms. Other bedding receives no treatment at all.

This premier quality "Green Manufactured" comfortable organic wood product is just right for horse bedding,  county fairs, & trailers. 

We also have materials for horse fences, post and pole, rail road ties, and pallets.



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